Good Intentions: Neighbours (A Radio Drama)

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Mama Roli and Mrs Elawi are next door neighbours and though Mr. E has tried to reach out, Mama Roli would have nothing to do with her because of the tribe she comes from; she even goes as far as asking her daughter to have nothing to do with Mrs. E’s daughters and threatens to pull her out of her school to anther so that she can’t make friends with any Yangalla people (that’s Mrs Elawi’s tribe).

Then one day, disaster strikes and Mama Roli is left needing Mrs. Elawi’s help. Whether she accepts it or not and what happens when she does, is something you would have to find out when you listen to the audio right on this page.

Is there a particular tribe that you can’t really conceive marrying (or allowing your child to marry) from? Let us know by leaving a comment.



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