How To Be A Better Friend

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There are few things more important in life than true friendship. If you’re lucky enough to have a close-knit circle of friends in your life, keep them close, and make an effort to be the best friend you can be. If you’ve been MIA of late or you could put more effort into your friendships, here are tips to help you be a better friend.

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Be there for the lows as well as the highs

Being a true friend isn’t just about walking down the aisle behind your bestie or helping her blow out the candles on the cake when she celebrates a landmark birthday. It’s also about being there for her when life isn’t so rosy, and she needs your support and reassurance. Don’t just be a fairweather friend. In order to enjoy the highs, you have to experience the lows. If she needs you, whether she asks for your help or not, make sure you’re there. Even if you’re at the end of the phone, and you can spend an hour listening to her airing her anxieties, this will make all the difference.

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Remember special occasions

It takes a minute to buy a card and pop it in the post, so don’t be one of those friends who always forgets birthdays or anniversaries. If you’re useless with dates, use a diary to keep track of important events. Give yourself time to send a card, and to choose a gift. If you’re not brilliant when it comes to buying presents, take a look at Cuckooland gift ideas for women. Choose a gift that you know she will love, and think about her passions. Do you love to cook or is she a green-fingered goddess? Is she incredibly stylish or does she enjoy nothing more than curling up with a good book? If you use her interests as your inspiration, you can’t go wrong.

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Keep in touch

When you’re at school or college, it’s so easy to find time for your friends. You spend every day together without having to make any effort at all. As you get older, it can become increasingly difficult to keep in touch with people, especially if you don’t live close to each other. Make a rule that you see each other at least once every month or every year if you live overseas, and use social media and your cell phone to contact each other on a regular basis. Don’t let weeks turn into months and months turn into years. Life can get hectic when you start working full-time or your friends settle down, but it’s always worth making an effort to stay close.

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If you don’t feel like you’ve been the best friend of late, it’s never too late to up your game, and show your best friends how much you care about them. It’s rare to come across people who change your life in such a dramatic way as your closest friends do, so make sure you’re the best friend you can be.



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