ImeIme Umana, First Black Woman President of Harvard Law Review

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ImeIme Umana was elected as President of the Harvard Law Review. And we’ll be glad to share with you why that is such a huge deal.

ImeIme Umana Harvard Law Review President


ImeIme Umana is the first Black Woman President of the Harvard Law Review

The Harvard Law Review (HLR) was founded 131 years ago. That is over a century and in that time there has not been ONE Black woman president. This young woman is the first Black woman to be president of such an illustrious journal.

The first Black man to be President of the HLR was President Barack Obama

In 1990, Barack Obama was elected President of HLR and he made history then as the first Black man to hold that position. He later went on to become the first Black man to be president of the United States of America. Could this be a sign for Umana? If Michelle Obama does not run for President of the USA, she could very well be the first Black woman to be president of that country.

As President of HLR, Umana will oversee more than 90 student editors

HLR is the most circulated law journal in the world and has over 90 student editors and permanent staff. Umana will oversee these and act as liaison between senior faculty members and writers.

ImeIme Umana is of Nigerian descent

She is an African from Nigeria and this is such a huge deal. There are so many Africans who are making us proud out there and we need to read more about them (which is one reason Coral Lifestyle exists).


The news was tweeted by Harvard Law Review and Umana called her election a “great privilege.

For outgoing president, Michael, L. Zuckerman “ImeIme is one of the most brilliant, thoughtful, and caring people I’ve ever met, and the Law Review is in phenomenally good hands.”




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