Mayjeb’s Accessories: The Story of a Nigerian Business

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Oseun Binitie Oyeyi is the CEO of Mayjeb’s Accessories. She is also the mother three (triplets). In this exclusive interview with Naija Housewives, we find out how this incredible woman began her business from home while raising triplet babies.

Thank you so much for this interview. Could you tell us a little about yourself?

My name is O’SEUN MEEJEBI OYEYI, I am from Edo state, married to a Yoruba man and I have 3 children. I am a business woman, and I love God.

How successful is Mayjebs Accessories and how long have you been running this venture?

Mayjeb’s Accessories is a registered business, known by many, for good and affordable quality stuff, we have things for every pocket, the business is 1 year and 8 months.

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I started this business when I got tired of just doing nothing, I am a mother of triplets and its not an easy job caring for 3 babies at once, I was a full house wife for 2 good years, I got bored and I told my hubby I wanted to start a business, he asked me how that he has not permitted me to start working yet, I told him not to worry I will just be selling online.

How did you venture into this line of business?

I asked the Holy Spirit for direction, my mind went to jewelry, so I started with jewelry. I started my business, September 2013 with 50,000 Naira, I got linked to people who bring in good jewelry from China. I market them on all the social media platforms, I got a delivery man who will deliver for me…all this I did from home. Then I added wristwatches, then as the business was growing, I added all other accessories, and I started importing from China myself. At about a year old the business became too big for only online so I decided to get a shop. So far it has been good, God has been faithful.

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Do you think you have reached the point where you can call yourself successful? And what defines success for you?

Yes I can say I am successful, because the level Mayjeb’s Accessories is great but we are still growing. Success for me is when you are able to balance every aspect of life and be at peace with yourself. But it’s with the help of God.

What more for Mayjebs Accessories and where do you see your business in 2-3 years’ time?

There is a lot more for Mayjeb’s Accessories; we grow everyday and in 2 to 3 years we pray to be on an international level, by hard work and Gods grace.

What are the challenges you had as a start up and what are the challenges you’re currently facing now that you’ve grown the business to an extent?

One of the major challenges I had were trust issues, some customers will say ‘how am I sure its original’? Some outside Lagos will said they could not pay before delivery, but with cajoling and all, I have been able to prove we are a trustworthy business. So far I have been able to build that trust. I don’t lie to my customers. If you ask me how long it will last I will tell you straight.

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The challenge I face now is following the trend. One has to upgrade every time, and also make sure my things are affordable and same quality.

We gather you’re a mother of triplets? How have you been able to combine being a wife, a mother and a business woman.

I have been able to combine all well with God’s strength, I don’t know how. Sometimes I wonder why I am fat, then my husband is very supportive and I have wonderful people around me always ready to help.

Social media has been a huge part of growing Mayjebs Accessories (from what we figured out). So, we would like to know how you pulled the crowd to your business online, how you got to the point where people began to trust your business online and also willing to associate with Mayjebs Accessories.

Like I said earlier, the social media is the best marketing strategy in Nigeria now. I started my business with 50k Naira, then I registered on all the social platforms, Facebook, BBM, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Instagram. What makes A different from B is PACKAGING

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When people started to patronise me and realised my things are good and affordable, I started having more customers. I believe in turnover so I don’t put too much profit and that is the edge I have over others. I also registered my business on Google so as to be easily accessible.

How did you come in contact with Naija Housewives and do you think Naija Housewives has added value to your business and yourself as a wife and mother in any way?

I came across Naija Housewives through a friend that added me, I loved the group because they are so real, encouraging housewives to be upright and moving. I have learnt a lot from the group, from people’s experience, advice, cooking tips, house management, so so many things.

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Mayjebs Accessories is our ‘Sunday Selfie contest’ sponsor for the month of May, we would like to know what inspired you be a sponsor.

What inspired me to sponsor was that I just felt we all deserve to be pampered sometimes, you know. We work a lot, and also to make more beautiful ladies know about Mayjeb’s Accessories.

Besides running Mayjebs Accessories, being a wife and a mum what else keeps you excited?

Hmmm what keeps me excited…I like to have fun times with friends, to always have money to spend, good Nigerian music.


For premium high quality jewellery, get in touch with Mayjeb’s Accessories.


Shop 106, Launs Deo Plaza
No 55 Aina street, Ojodu, Berger, Lagos
CALL: 08181393590


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