Our Brother’s Keeper: Neighbours (A Radio Drama)




It’s election season and politicians are going about electioneering. That’s what brings the present chairman of the local government council to Mr. Elawi’s home; he is seeking re-election and needs the elderly man’s help in rounding up the votes of his kinsmen, who are from a different tribe from the chairman. Mr. Elawi is promised contracts and special gifts and after receiving money, promises to speak to his people of the chairman’s behalf.

In spite of Mrs Elawi’s objections, Mr Elawi goes ahead and manages to gather a huge crown of supporters for the Chairman. All is going well until the chairman is giving his speech and then makes the Peace sign. The crowd grows wild with rage and he barely escapes with his life.

When he goes to demand his money from the ‘saboteur’ Mr Elawi, he gets to learn a valuable lesson about co-existence.

Nigeria is a multi-faceted nation with hundreds of different ethnicity. The importance of learning about our culture AND the cultures of others cannot be underscored.

Our unity is a bedrock of Naija Housewives and as Nigerian women, we need to lead the way.

What can you do to promote healthy co-existence in our country? Leave a comment.


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