5 Ways to Get a Better Night’s Sleep for the Pregnant Woman

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Pregnancy is undoubtedly the most harmonious and loveliest of the phases of a woman’s life.

pregnant woman sleep tips

However, it does have its perks. A pregnant woman with an entirely altered body shape and increased heart rate struggles immensely to get a peaceful good night’s sleep without any back pains, headaches or painstakingly swelled ankles and feet.

These intensified changes can take its toll on pregnant women.

A pregnant woman has to take a very good care of herself and everyone around her should also shower her with extra care and love. She deserves to take all the precautionary measures which might increase to her comfort. These measures include following a stress-free routine and owning obligatory products such as a pregnancy pillow, a comforter and anything which makes her happy.

Here are some tips to sleep better when you are pregnant:


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Stay Updated

A pregnant woman deserves to be pampered. Stay updated with all the products which are out there designed specially to help in reducing the agony of pregnant ladies. One must-have product during your pregnancy is a pregnancy pillow.

A maternity pillow is remarkably beneficial in terms of sleeping better. In fact, a reliable pillow is not only restricted to help you sleep calmly but, also helps you stay relaxed when you are awake by providing comfortable lying positions.

U shaped pregnancy pillow is among the most commonly used maternity pillows by women. You can also take a look at other option like C shaped, J shaped or even a full body pillow.

Stay Hydrated

A clever tip is to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day and avoid liquid intake a few hours before your bed-time. This will avoid tours to washroom which can be extremely unwelcoming at times with your overgrown body and increased weight. Cutting down on taking in liquids near to your nap time will prevent frequent trips to the loo.

sleep tips for pregnant woman

Stay Happy

As naive as this tip might seem to be, it is the most effective key to get an amiable and cordial sleep. Stress, anxiety and agony are the cruel culprits which disturb your sleep and keep you awake. Surround yourself with positive feelings and stay happy, calm and collected.

During pregnancy, due to constant hormonal changes it is normal that pregnant women face depression and negative thoughts. Battle with these stressed moods and you can sleep better.

Stay in Routine

Manage a smooth and consistent routine at evening, avoid sleeping during day time. This will help you immensely to sleep better during night time. Stay observant and realize what is good for your body, what lifts your spirit up and what things you should avoid which darken or turn off your mood.

Also, observe which sleeping positions are you comfortable in. Try to relax and stay as much relieved as you can.

pregnant woman sleep tips

Stay on a Balanced Diet

Avoid consuming things which might cause insomnia and lesser sleep specially caffeine. Nausea conspicuously disturbs the sleep and does not let a pregnant woman to be at peace. Eating a proper diet helps in escaping nausea to an enormous extent if not completely.

Hope these simple tips and tricks prove to be useful for you. Happy Pregnancy!

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This guest post was written by Sundus Sadia Munir. Mum to a beautiful boy, with a passion for reading books and penning down her experiences about motherhood. An avid keeper of journals, who enjoys seeking the simple things in life. You can find her atFacebook.com/thecomfyhome



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