5 Things You Need to Know to Get a Perfect Haircut

There is nothing worse than a bad haircut. Getting a good haircut completely changes you, and your life. Getting a good haircut will help you eliminate those bad hair days. A good haircut improves your confidence, self-esteem, and makes you feel good about yourself. The problem is many women do not understand the nitty-gritty aspect of getting a good haircut. Get a bad haircut, and your problems will look bigger than they are.

So, to help you get a good haircut, we’ve rounded up five tips that experts believe you have to consider.


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Know your face shape

Not every face is the same. Just as there are different body shapes, there are different face shapes as well. Once you figure out what is your face shape, you will be able to find a haircut that is best for you.

How can you check your face shape? Well, for starters, check your jawline. There are four types of face shape. The first one is a square face, something like Olivia Wilde. This is when your jawline juts out more toward the sides. A round face is when the jawline is rounded from the chin to the ears. Christina Ricci has a round face. Sarah Jessica Parker has an oval face shape, one where the chin is pointy and the jaw goes up at an angle. Last, but not least, we have the heart-shaped face or the baby face as they like to call it. This is the Reese Witherspoon face shape, when the chin is the pointiest part of the face, while the jawline curves in.

When you go for a haircut, the trick is to find one that makes our face look more oval and the most flattening. Draw a circle, heart, or square, and then draw the hairstyle you like inside of the shape. You will see what give you an oval in the center, and that is the haircut you need.

Hair texture

Hair shape is just one of the factors that contribute to perfect haircut and hairstyle. The next one is hair texture, which means understanding whether you have curly hair, straight hair, or something else. If you have thin and fine hair, for example, you cannot expect to leave the saloon with volume and texture. When you want to mimic a celebrity, find one that has a similar hair texture as yours.

Go in with realistic expectations

Sometimes, you might want a long bob haircut. But you have short hair. You just cannot meet your expectations all the time. Just think of this for a moment. Chances are, the celebrity you want to mimic has a hair full of extensions. They spend hours at the salon with hair stylists doing their hair. On the other hand, you do not have an army of hair stylists at your disposal. So, be real with your expectations, and you will walk out with a haircut that is good for you. Talk with your stylist about what is possible, and what is not.

What about your lifestyle?

If you do not have much time to get your hair done on a daily basis, you have to consider haircuts that are easy. For example, if you do not have time, you need a haircut and hairstyle that looks great even on the wash-and-go. However, if you have time, and you can afford the high maintenance hairstyle, absolutely go for it. Just don’t push for something you cannot handle and afford.

Are you ready for a haircut?

This is the step most women get it wrong. You need to make sure you are actually ready for a haircut. Now, you might think it is just a trim, no biggie. However, going at the saloon always starts with a trim, and ends up with 10 inches off your hair. There is no way to get it back instantly. Therefore, if you are used to your super long hair, make sure you are ready for a change. You cannot get it back.


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