On This Tiwa Savage Nonsense

The media has been rife with the saga between Tiwa Savage and Tee Bilz (her husband). I had no intention of commenting on it for several reasons. First of all, it’s nonsense pure and simple. Secondly, it is a matter between husband and wife, a private matter. Sure they invited us to be spectators in their mess, but it’s not every invitation you accept. However, something happened yesterday that made me decide to comment.


For those who are not familiar with the saga, Tiwa Savage is a celebrity who has become something of a household name over the last few years. She married her manager and they have a son together. About a week ago, these suicidal posts began to show up on the husband’s Instagram account, accusing his wife of all sorts. It is noteworthy that he has denied the posts and claimed his account was hacked.


Tiwa Savage

The posts were pretty damning and the diva decided to speak up for herself. In defending herself, she mentioned the husband’s outrageous spending habits, a possible drug habit and how she’d been covering impossible expenses on his behalf. She sounded all sincere and even though I noted to my husband that she probably should have waited for all the furor to die down before speaking, I still hailed her. Gotta stand beside a sister!


So imagine my shock when the subject came up and another woman was castigating Tiwa for standing up for herself. According to the woman, even if Tiwa spent millions on her husband why should she mention it? Is she not his wife? I was like EXCUSE ME!!! I could not believe my ears.


First of, when a man decides to throw mud, he should expect it to stick. If he did not want it to come out that he had issues, he should not have made those public accusations about his wife – the mother of his child. But even if the did…whatever, that’s their business. What I have an issue with is that a woman would criticize Tiwa when all she was doing was defending her honour.


Don’t get me wrong, I am not really a fan of Tiwa, but I admire what she’s made of herself and she is a woman that is hurting. It does not matter whether his accusations were right or wrong, he should not have degraded the mother of his child that way. Don’t they have elders in their family? Couldn’t they have sorted this out? If he chose to make his ‘hacked’ Instagram account his platform to vent, well, she had every right in the world to come back fighting. When you tear a woman’s character to shreds, she will rip yours apart. It’s called self defense.


So to all you women out there who are very good at tearing down a fellow woman, who cannot even get outraged on a sister’s behalf, you need to step up your game because when a man decides to go on social media and make a mess of you, there will be no one to take umbrage on your behalf. Be warned!


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One thought on “On This Tiwa Savage Nonsense

  • May 6, 2016 at 4:09 pm

    My beef with naija women is the fact that they keep making excuses for men and blaming a woman even when it’s clear the blame should go to the man. This Tiwa’s matter has opened many eyes and I believe women need to stand up for themselves and each other.


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