How Can I Forgive Him Again? [From Around the Web]

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Ocassionally we visit other sites and forums and find things that we feel might interest you. This one was a post from Nairaland (which we ehm visit often). What is your advice for this woman?

My husband cheated on me with this lady that works for him. I first noticed in 2009 that he was making , receiving calls that he was clearly hiding from me. I confronted him and after much denials, he admitted that he was in an emotional relationship with some girl he met somewhere. I later found out that it was this girl in the office. I confronted both of them and they both apologized and begged for forgiveness.I decided to take the high road and forgive.

Later in 2010, I noticed that the lady in question was giving me attitude when I tried to talk to her and I told him about it. I suspected something was going on but because I had no proof, I kept quiet. I was out of the country for 4 months in 2011 and when I got back, I was scrolling through his old phone and I came across some intimate text messages sent from someone clearly indicating they had been intimate. I confronted him this time really mad and he apologized and gave me some story about it being some girl he met somewhere. I was really really mad but after a while I decided to put it behind me and move on after all Christ forgives. A few months later, I find more messages on his phone to the same number (I’m really good with numbers) about meeting and all that. He kept denying and denying until I did some digging and found out he was sleeping with this same girl from his office!

I have been so angry with both of them especially him for doing nothing when I asked him to fire her. I told him she insulted me and he did nothing. They both kept lying and lying and lying to me. He couldn’t even break it off when I asked him to. Now he says he has come clean and is asking me to forgive again. How can I believe what? How can I believe that he isn’t lying to me again? The worst part, the lady in question quit, and got married. She was engaged all the while and he just let her go without even firing her or letting me get really mad. I am really really mad and I hope I dont do anything I will regret. Everyone is saying forgive and move on but how can I move on with someone I don’t trust? He says he would do whatever it takes but I dont even know what it takes. I am so mad at him and her for lying and fooling me for years.


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