It’s Almost Time For The 3rd Genevieve Pink Ball

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Genevieve Magazine announced it’s 3rd Genevieve Pink Ball a few days ago. The event is scheduled to hold on 18th October, 2014 and it is geared towards supporting women medically and financially for the treatment of breast cancer. This will include education on early detection as well. According to the release, the core mission is to “advocate for increased access to care, improve treatment modalities and also increase funding for quality Breast Cancer Research.”

This is the third Pink Ball; the first was held in 2005 and the second in 2009. The 3rd Genevieve Pink Ball has a 100 Patient Challenge. The objective of this challenge is to treat 100 patients; this means providing where needed, free surgery, chemotherapy, breast reconstructive surgery and radiation therapy.

It is a noble cause and one behind which everyone should throw their weight. We all know of people who have lost their lives to breast cancer and for most, the disease was detected too late. So let’s do all we can to ensure that we no longer lose mothers, sisters, wives and daughters to breast cancer.


Betty Irabor - Genevieve Magazine Pink Ball

The CEO and Founder of Genevieve Magazine, Betty Irabor is an advocate for early detection and her passion is heard in her words:

In Nigeria the majority of women diagnosed with breast cancer do not survive because their cancer is detected too late. Awareness is the First Step in the battle Against Breast Cancer.

Herein lies our motivation to lend our platform Genevieve PinkBall to the cause. Our ‘100 patient challenge’ is all about further Awareness Creation, Education and giving hope to the otherwise hopeless; treatment for 100 may seem an insignificant number but it’s a good start.

The 2014 Genevieve PinkBall is also a clarion call to ALL to lend a hand. The Government can’t do it all but together we can reduce deaths from Breast Cancer.”


October is the global month for Breast Cancer Awareness and the Genevieve Pink Ball is taking place on the 18th of October, 2014 at he Dorchester located at Water Corporation Road off Ligali Ayorinde, Victoria Island.

Plan to be there. Tickets to the PinkBall will be available in September, 2014.

For more information, visit:

Twitter: @genevievemag

Facebook: Genevieve Magazine

Instagram: @genevievemagazine

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