Toddler Beaten to Coma By Aunt

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What on earth could a 3 year old child do that would deserve a beating so brutal that she ended up in a coma? For this toddler, her crime was that she had been defecating. In other words, no one had taken the trouble to toilet train her. And the beater was none other than her aunt, her dad’s sister.

It is sad and painful that women are the ones who tend to abuse children, particularly children that are not theirs. For some reason, even women who have their own children do not do much better when it comes to other children who happen to be in their care. In this case, the woman in question (the aunt) has been married for several years without a child. It is understandable that she might be frustrated. But it is unforgivable that she would put that frustration on a 3 year old child.

Reading the article on Punch of how the police arrested the woman for brutalizing her niece brought tears. If a child has not been toilet trained, no amount of beating will help the situation. As a matter of fact, beating will make the situation worse because the child will be too scared to speak up.

According to the woman’s neighbour:

“Sometime in October, I saw her cleaning the child up after she had defecated; she was beating her as well. I warned her three different times to stop flogging her because it was getting excessive. She didn’t listen to me and I immediately suspected she was under a spell. I told her husband to caution her but he told me Miracle’s father instructed them to beat her till she stopped purging. I left them and went inside my room. It was the following morning she came to call me that the girl had fainted.”

[media-credit name=”Image Credit:” link=”” align=”alignnone” width=”660″]Toddler beaten to coma -[/media-credit]This is so sad. Please let us learn to treat other children as we would want our own children to be treated. In our culture, beating (spanking) is still very much the norm, but we need to learn to explore other options. There is a Yoruba saying that there are different kinds of children…not every child responds to spanking. So please make the effort to get to know the child leaving with you. Let’s change this culture of abuse. Our culture is golden, but even gold goes through refinement…it’s time to do away with our excesses. We don’t have to wait until we read of another toddler beaten to coma.


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