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Precious Conceptions is a Family Building Consultancy that helps and supports those going through fertility issues. We heard about the seminar that is happening on Saturday, 12th of December, 2015 and decided to catch up with Toyin Lolu-Ogunmade to learn more about the seminar.


What’s your motivation for this…why are you so passionate about helping people?

My almost 13 years struggle with infertility is the foundation of Precious Conceptions. During my journey into motherhood, I realised I did not have anyone guide, counsel and advice me on what to do which, I believe, could have greatly helped me.

Coming across several women with similar experiences launched my quest for helping women find timely diagnosis and solution to their problems as well as giving them the necessary support during the process. I also realize there is still a lot of ignorance,uncertainty, stigma, myths and mystery surrounding infertility and assisted reproductive treatments which could basically be reduced by education and awareness.

On a regular basis, I see women who long to have their own children. I see the pain and sorrow in their hearts through their eyes. I see the confusion sometimes and despair. A lot of them do not know what to do or where to start from. They are lonely, desperate and scared…I see these because I have been there.

I hope Precious Conceptions would be to them that which was lacking for me – a bridge to cross all the gaps in your quest for parenthood.

trying to conceive workshop


Do you have any success stories. Please share

Yes we do! We have helped several families on their journey in the years we have been in existence. I started PC in 2012 but formally had it registered in 2014.

In 2010, whilst still in India, a family contacted me. They had been going through fertility challenges and wanted to know what next to do. They were considering adoption and I showed them what to do and where to go. About seven months later, they had their beautiful baby girl adopted and brought home. It was a joyous time. They have gone ahead to adopt another baby again.

In 2012, a woman we worked with delivered her much beloved son after several painful miscarriages. She took our counsel and we referred her to a specialist who manages bad obstetric cases and she had that baby.
In 2013, three families were blessed with male children, one through IVF, another through IVF/surrogacy, another through natural conception after several miscarriages.

In 2014, we had a visiting specialist from India and several families were able to see him for second opinion on their issues. I am glad to say some of those families who continued with us after that visit are expecting to be parents soon as they are in various stages of pregnancy already.

Recently, another family we worked with was blessed with a baby girl. They naturally conceived after going through surgery and counsel. We also have several families at several stages of counseling with us and our pray all their desires would be fulfilled.


Kindly tell us about the seminar? Give a profile of your expected speakers and what they’re offering?

The seminar is to educate those who are trying to conceive, so they are aware of the causes and management of infertility, highlighting treatments, solutions and way forward.

We have as our Guest speaker, a consultant gyneacologist and Fertility Specialist Dr. Adeniyi Adewunmi of LASUTH who shall speak on Infertility causes, management and way forward.

We also have Celia Penny Moses-Nagbiku, a Registered Nutritionist and Genetic Counselor who shall speak on the effect of Diet and Nutrition on Fertility management.

Biola Kolapo a Physical Therapist shall speak on fitness and weight management and the effects on fertility.

I shall speak on 3rd party reproduction and how it works, the role of counseling in Fertility management and also share my experience.

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Who is the ideal candidate for your symposium? and why should they attend?

We want families that have had difficulty in conceiving to attend this FREE seminar so that they are informed about and prepared for the journey, knowing that solutions to their problems exits and are within reach.


When and where is it holding?

The FREE Seminar is holding in a quiet, comfortable and private meeting room on 17b Molade Okoya Thomas Street, off Adeniyi Jones Avenue Ikeja. It is in a residential estate. The event is free, but attendance is on reservation basis.

The location is deliberate so as to give our participants the privacy they require.


Precious Conceptions is a full-fledged Family Building Consultancy established to support those going through infertility and its related treatments. Our purpose is to help other couples having conception difficulties find solutions as quickly as possible thus saving them years of heartbreak. We emphasize on timely treatments which may reduce or completely eliminate the need for infertility treatments in future.

Vision: That no family should be denied the joy of parenthood due to lack of information or knowledge of solutions available
Mission: to offer intending parents complete world class personalized support and solutions on their journey to parenthood.

We offer:
1. Counseling services for those trying to conceive. These shall include

o Individual and couples counseling
o infertility Counseling/assisted conception counseling/Fertility preservation counseling/Fertility tourism counseling
o Support Groups
o Implications counseling
o 3rd party reproduction providers counseling

2. Specialist Referrals to our affiliate Clinics locally and internationally
o Local specialists
o Fertility Tourism

3. Family Building related Legal and Advisory services
o Adoption
o 3rd party reproduction
o Fertility Tourism related Laws

4. Ovum (egg) Donor Management

5. Surrogate (Gestational Host) Management

6. Wellness Services. These include
o Diet planning and crafting
o Weight management programs
o Personal fitness coach
o Gym services
o Dance aerobics
o Stress management (optional, on request)


For more information, contact or call us on 07088080339



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