What would make you walk out of a marriage of less than one month?

Uche Ogbodo

People get divorced all the time…well maybe not so much in this side of the world. But even in Nigeria, people leave their marriages for all sorts of reasons. Very rarely though do we here of people walking out of their marriages barely a month after and when they do, people are usually curious about the reason. Uche Ogbodo, the Nollywood actress who was married to ex-Nigerian footballer, Ato Ubby ended her one-month marriage. Since that happened, people have said all sorts of things about her on social media and lots of people have been rife with speculation. But in an interview with Vanguard, she finally told her side of the story. According to her, she left the marriage because it was based on lies and deceit. She said:

My marriage was full of   lies. I cannot tell you in detail what those lies were, if that’s what you’re trying to make me do but it was based on lies. It’s a pity it didn’t work out. I didn’t go into the marriage to crash it. I wanted a family; I wanted a loving home and a loving husband. That was why I went into it in the first place but as nature would have it, I didn’t get any of those. I still thank God my head is intact.

She was quick to say that it was not about women, which is what would come to most minds. Reading the interview made us wonder about other people. So what would make you walk out of a marriage of less than one month? What kind of lies or deceit would warrant that in your opinion?



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