5 Styles For The Pregnant Fashionista

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Realizing that you are pregnant is a joyous moment and something worth celebrating.  While pregnant, you will have to switch up a couple of things about yourself – your choice of food, your choice of drinks, even how much you work. One thing you won’t have to change is your fashion sense. If you are searching for styles for pregnant fashionistas, search no more. You don’t have to wear just stretchy materials and baggy dresses. You can be fashionably pregnant. Here are a couple of regular styles that could double as maternity outfits


Styles for Pregnant Fashionistas


Fitted dresses

You are probably thinking “I’m pregnant, I should not be wearing tight clothes”. Well you are and you can. Lots of pregnant fashionistas have rocked the bodycon dresses. Just wear comfortable shoes like loafers or espadrilles. If however, you know that the tight dress would cause you discomfort, then please, wear something else.


Styles for pregnant fashionistas - fitted dress

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The beauty of peplum is that the outfit is free from the waist so it can hide your bump and leave you looking stylish.


Styles for pregnant fashionistas - peplum

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Loose dresses


These are like the signature maternity dresses. They are comfortable and can also be fashionable if you choose them well.


Styles for pregnant fashionistas - loose dress


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maternity dress

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Maxi dresses.


Maxi dresses are flowing, easy to wear and will certainly not cause you discomfort.


fashionably pregnant

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Trousers are really great to rock while pregnant particularly if you get the maternity ones that won’t pinch your belly (the waist is elastic even though it’s denim).


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