5 Ways to Manage Your Natural Hair Without Breaking the Bank

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Everyone has one reason or the other why they absolutely refuse to go natural: “it’s stressful” “it’s for broke people” “it looks unkempt” “it’s too expensive”. The last reason is one that people always talk to me about “wow you’re a big girl o. Natural hair is not cheap”. Well it is for me. And it can be cheap for you too if you want it to be.


Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Sadly, not everyone can afford ridiculously expensive Shea Moisture products, luxury conditioners and essential oils and that is totally okay. The lady who inspired me to go natural had amazing hair and she had never used store-bought products – never even braided her hair with extensions and the likes. While I admired her confidence about these things, I wasn’t so bold – I did braid my hair and use store- bought products (but the cheap ones).


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If money has been the major reason stopping you from going natural, good news for you, there are other ways to go natural without breaking the bank. The major products your natural hair needs are liquid, oil, butter, shampoo and conditioner and there are cheap options to these necessities. Here goes:


Water is your best friend

No matter the products the natural big girls use, hair needs water and water is cheap. Rather than buy water-based products like leave in conditioner spray, get a spray can (used or new), pour water in it and drops of oil (coconut oil, olive oil etc.) and use that for your hair.




Olive oil is an option.

Extra virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) – what we use as anointing oil in these parts is great for your hair. If you can’t afford expensive oils like Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO), jojoba oil and almond oil, EVOO works just as well and it has great benefits for your hair.


Goya Virgin Olive Oil (1)


Raw shea butter is just as good

You don’t have to go online looking for products with shea butter in it when you can just buy the raw one from the vendor next to you. Sure it doesn’t smell as good and it isn’t half as fancy but it works. And you can just douse yourself with perfume if you are so worried about the scent.




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Black soap is your shampoo.

As a naturalista, you definitely shouldn’t be using shampoos with sulfate in it as they dry out your hair. Shampoos without sulfate (a.k.a natural hair shampoo)s are expensive and so tiny. Granted you only get to use them once a month but still N4000 for this small bottle that will last only two wash? No thank you.

Black soaps like Dudu Osun are great for your hair and has all the right products – honey, shea butter and so on



A conditioner is a conditioner is a conditioner.

Natural hair folks love conditioners. We use it weekly or more often to deep condition and detangle. It leaves the hair feeling soft and shiny that so many naturalistas are willing to break the bank to get a 5-star-rated conditioner. Not me though. I just use regular conditioner and so far, my hair isn’t falling off my head. If you are unable to afford Aphogee and Cantu conditioners, use regular ones



These hacks will work for you till you can afford all the natural hair products in the world.


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