6 Ways to Upgrade Your Living Room on a Budget

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Who really doesn’t want their living room to look great?


For most homes, the living room is the first place a visitor sees when they walk in so we are pretty much compelled to make a good impression. Asides everyone wants to be the one known for having the ‘gorgeous living room”. We all want those tiny oohs and aahs when people walk into our space.


If you’ve been thinking of upgrading your living room without emptying your bank account, here are six ways to do so:


Say no to clutter

The quickest way to kill a great room with so much potential is to overwhelm it. Try not to put too many items in your living room (no matter how expensive they are). Like with most things, less is better.




Use wallpapers

A simple wallpaper on one end of your living room wall can make it look more trendy.




Image:  Housetohome

Light fixtures are bae

Chandeliers are a bit on the pricey end so that’s a maybe. Ditch plain light bulbs for statement light fixtures. They are cheaper than chandeliers and make your space look more high end.


1320260816Nashua LIving Room with lights kdzdesigns

Image: Kdzdesigns

Leaf it up

A little nature in your space makes it look livelier. It doesn’t have to be endless bouquet of roses or some rare flower you plucked from the Sahara Desert. A simple wide plant will do. If however you choose to go with this decor plan, you have to be willing to trim the plant or replace it every now and then. Lest you have a full grown tree in the center of your living room.



A pop of color

If your living room is painted in neutral colors, decorating will be a walk in the park for you. Use pop of colors here and there. Either in form of furniture or a painting on the wall. It makes your living room look like the brain child of a million-dollar interior designer.


Elegant-strip-wallpaper-living-room-design hupehome


Shag puff side stools are cool

One or two shaggy side stools will make your living room look more upscale. There are different prices for these side stools so try to go for the cheaper ones.


99bf71c4d890 decorpad

Image: Decorpad


Which of these upgrades are you willing to try?


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