7 Times Mocheddah Schooled Us on Wearing All Black Outfits

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For those of us who love black a little too much, we constantly try to wear all black outfits but end up not pulling it off fashionably – not as fashionable as those Instagram divas anyway. The tricky part about wearing an all black outfit is that it can make you look a tad drab and gloom if you don’t pull it off well. If, however, you do end up “slaying” the outfit, the look is an absolute envy.




One Nigerian celebrity that seems to just nail the all black outfit every single time she tries is singer/rapper  Mocheddah. Mocheddah is one fashionable celebrity (there are only a few things I won’t give in exchange for her wardrobe). Becoming the brand ambassador for Miskay Boutique kicked up her already impeccable dress sense about  six steps. Asides her fashion sense, she is also a makeup artist – she does her makeup herself – and is constantly dropping makeup tutorial videos on her Instagram page.


One common factor in Mocheddah’s all black outfit is the presence of heeled sandals or pumps. So maybe that’s the key to “slaying” in black – wear heels. Her black outfits are usually black denims and a casual top but she sometimes switches it up with fringe, miniskirts and off-shoulder crop tops.





If you would like to try your hand at the all black outfit, take a page (or 7) out of Mo’s style-book and show everyone that black will always be the new black























Images: Instagram|@mocheddah


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