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Boosting self esteem is a necessity especially in a world that threatens to cow people into self depreciation/low self esteem. In loving ourselves, we cannot be subjected to low self esteem. There are many things in life that can attack and even affect how you think of yourself; that is why it is necessary to do everything to get your self esteem spot on.

Self esteem is about how you think and feel about yourself; how you value who you are and what you do. The truth is that many people have being made to feel inferior to others; while others are made to believe that they can’t offer anything. This article presents some reasons for boosting self esteem. But before we do that, it is important to understand that you are unique and that you are a brand that moves the market, it is not only important but it is your right in this existence. The reasons why you should boost your self-esteem include, but are not limited to:

  • When you have the right self esteem, your life becomes focused.
  • When you have the right self esteem your enthusiasm is boosted.
  • When you have the right self esteem your relationships are enhanced.
  • When you have the right self esteem your disposition becomes cheerful.

self esteem

The question now is how can one boost self esteem?

  • Probe what people think of you. No matter what people think or say about you negatively, you must try as much as possible to see yourself in a positive light. Do not look down on yourself. What you carry in the inside of you cannot be stagnated or silenced by peoples’ remarks or opinions. Their thoughts cannot mold you.
  • Decide to discard those things that do not match with your purpose in life and throw them away. Cause an ocean separation between yourself and the things that do not match with your purpose in life.
  • Decide the things that match with your purpose in life. Your life’s purpose makes who you are. So, choose those things that match your existence in life.
  • Acknowledge that you are not designed to solve every problem of the world. Focus on your strength, and dwell there. Your strength will make way for you.
  • Understand that there is a particular problem that you alone can solve. Everyone has what others do not have. And that makes you to stand out. It is said that your gift will make a way for you.
  • Be consistent in doing something that only you can do. Your continuous doing of it will increase your proficiency, and your recognition.
  • Finally, you do not have any right to be made inferior by anyone. You are perfectly built, uniquely designed, cut pointedly and bathed beautifully. Be yourself. It is when this understanding stays in your heart that the world is yours to take. No wonder, the philosopher, Socrates placed high premium on man understanding his composition in “Man Know thyself”.

The way you perceive yourself is necessary to you. Break everything that may want to limit your significance.


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Ije Woko

Ijeamaka Woko is a minister with a love for writing and a passion for young people and the family as a whole. She is married and has 3 boys. A great love for words and reading are a strong driving force for her at this time.

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