A Different Spin on Chicken Curry Sauce

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Yesterday was my son’s birthday and with the price of tomatoes being the way it is at the moment, I knew the traditional Rice and Stew dish was out of the question. However, my little boy does not like fried rice. So I decided it was time to try this chicken curry sauce spin on the recipe we shared.

I got my ingredients together: chicken, sweet potatoes, carrots, string beans and green pepper. I also included onions and red pepper. I was feeling really good with myself as I set out to prepare the ingredients and get them ready for the real action. Halfway through, I realized that I did not have any turmeric. I had curry, but turmeric is what gives the sauce volume. I sent someone out hurriedly to buy a bottle of turmeric for me but she came back empty. There was no turmeric.

What was I supposed to do? I already had the chicken in the hot oil and I had no tomatoes at home anyway. So I decided to improvise and this is what I came up with.


These are the ingredients for chicken curry sauce spin


chicken curry sauce ingredients
String Beans and Green Pepper


chopped carrots - chicken curry sauce
Diced Carrots


Sweet Potatoes
Sweet Potatoes


Pepper and Onions - chopped
Pepper and Onions – chopped


I sprinkled some salt and Knorr cubes on the chicken and left it for a few minutes. Next I placed it in the hot oil and let it fry until it began to turn brown at the edges.


chicken curry sauce spin - Naijahousewives.com


Then I added all the other ingredients. This is where I put the curry, more Knorr and salt.

I stirred a while and then put in some water. After a while, it was ready, but my chicken curry sauce spin was so watery. I needed a thickener.


chicken curry sauce spin - Naijahousewives.com


And then I remembered flour. So I took a tablespoon full of flour, mixed it with water and then poured it into the sauce and voila! My chicken curry sauce was ready.


chicken curry sauce spin - Naijahousewives.com


It looked nice and tasted nice to me. But the acid test was the family. I served them the chicken curry sauce spin and watched carefully. Would the children like it? Would their Daddy complain? Thankfully, they all loved it!


chicken curry sauce and rice - Naijahousewives.com


We had a lovely birthday lunch and I was really satisfied with how the recipe turned out. Thanks to 9jafoodie.com for sharing the recipe (even if I kinda killed it).





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