Best Cleaning Secrets From Grandma

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Cleaning secrets from Grandma are old, time-tested cleaning tricks which might have seemed unnecessary when we were growing up, but are beginning to make so much sense now that we run our own homes. Here are a few of those…share yours in the comments.


Use a pillowcase to clean ceiling fan blades. 

Don’t shower yourself with dust the next time you go to clean your fan. Emily White, owner of Two Maids and a Mop, was taught by her grandma to use a pillowcase so you can catch the dust in it, then dump it in the trash afterward. “You just stretch the entire case over the blade and wipe off the dust inside,” she says.

Use peanut butter to get gum out of hair.

“I knew kids when I was growing up who had to get emergency short haircuts, because they got gum in their hair,” says Elisa Sheronas, a retired public relations professional. But to avoid the same shaggy fate, she was taught to cover the gum with peanut butter, then let it sit.

My children have discovered chewing gum so I can really appreciate this tip. Wish I’d known about this cleaning secret from Grandma when I was little.

Freshen up floors with baking soda. 

“It’s been years since my grandma passed, and I still use baking soda with a bit of water to scrub the floor, especially the grout between my tile,” says Carrie Aulenbacher, afreelance writer. “It’s safe around children, isn’t harsh on the floor, and has no smell.” You can also use this pantry ingredient to clean countertops, stainless steel sinks, microwaves, and more.

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Source: Good Housekeeping


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