The Easy Peasy First Anniversary Gift Guide

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The one year anniversary is a major milestone in any relationship, and it’s only natural that you want to celebrate in style!


You may have already determined that your lover is “the one”. Still, your relationship is still in its relative infancy, which can make finding the perfect gift a little challenging. Here are half a dozen perfect solutions that are sure to produce the desired response.


anniversary gift ideas


Celebratory gifts:

As already mentioned, this is a milestone that should be celebrated. This can be done with glassware, homeware, and various other items. Whether you are living together or not, these items are sure to serve as a constant reminder of your love as well as the day itself. If the generic items fail to hit the mark, you can always personalize them with messages or photos.


Hobby-related gifts:

If your lover has a passion for music or sport, you can use this to great results. Sporting memorabilia can brighten up the home while tickets to a gig will offer another fantastic event for you both. Showing an interest in something that they love will make a massive statement about where your relationship is heading too. What more could any happy couple ask for?


anniversary gifts



This has been the best year of your lives, and there’s no better way to celebrate it than looking back. Photo books, canvases, and digital photo frames are all fantastic gifts. Alternatively, you could go one step further by booking a professional photo shoot. Those images are sure to stay with both of you forever, and it’s sure to make you feel closer than ever.


Special drinks:

For many couples, sharing a drink is the perfect way to cap a lovely anniversary. Rather than going for a standard bottle of wine, why not choose something a little different. Read the Kikori review to learn more about rice whiskey. Not only will it take date nights to another level, but it’s a new experience that you can discuss together. Moreover, the drink will last.


A holiday:

If you’ve only been together for 12 months, there’s a strong chance that you are yet to vacation together. The anniversary is the perfect opportunity to treat your lover to a romantic break away. Whether it’s a city trip or a beach holiday doesn’t matter. You can gain inspiration with these destination reviews.  It’s another milestone that will create lifelong magical memories.


anniversary gift


Date night gifts:

As the relationship gets serious, you’ll find that date nights aren’t always about going out. Kitchen gadgets and equipment that enable you to enjoy nights in at home can be wonderful options. Even if it’s surround sound systems to replicate the cinema experience, it’s sure to improve your time together. Better still, the frequency of use ensures that they’ll ever forget the gift.


Ultimately, your love is the only gift that your lover could ever desire on the first anniversary. Still, the gifts above are sure to make the day extra special.   



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