A Guide to Making BFFs

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Is this #Squadgoals hashtag making anyone feel a little pressured to get best friends?


I unashamedly admit that pop culture has greatly influenced my view of friendship. I want that kind of friendship you see in movies and TV shows that starts from kindergarten, goes through hell and back and thrives, I want the kind of friends that I can take kissey face photos with and post on Instagram, I want my own #TaySquad, I want BFFs.




You have to admit that pop culture makes friendship looks so attractive. Some of us are too lazy to get out there and make an effort but for those who are willing to try, these tips might help you get that BFF who will hold your hair while you puke or cry and eat ice cream with you when your heart has been broken yet again:


Be bold

Do you ever have those moments when you meet someone in a bus or the ladies room and you two just hit right off?You think to yourself, “this is my kinda girl, we could be buds” but you just let her walk right out  without asking for her contact because you don’t want to seem like a werido or that you’re coming on to her.

You should take that chance, ask her out for a drink, invite her to a function you have coming up. You can’t leave everything to fate. Sometimes, fate has had a long day and is exhausted.


oluchi and genevieve


Put yourself out there

You are not going to meet anyone if you don’t get out there (note to self). Rather than order in, go out, order food and eat it there. Go to the bar and have a drink by yourself. Strike up drunken conversation with people around you and who knows? You just might meet your Selena Gomez.


Linda Ejiofor & Adesuwa Etomi
Linda Ejiofor & Adesuwa Etomi


Reach out

You certainly already have friends so reach out to them. Reconnect. Your gold mine might be next door while you search the Atlantic Ocean.


kelly rowland


Yes, Yes, Yes!

According to one of the tips given by this piece (6 Foolproof Ways to Make Friends as an Adult), saying yes to invites from Facebook friends, co-workers, group members and so on would make it easier for you to make friends. A step closer to having your squad goal hashtag.




That said, good luck finding your BFF and posting kissey face Instagram photos.


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