Crafting A ‘Health Planning Day’ For A Renewed Sense Of Self-Worth!

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It happens to use all. Very occasionally, we become lethargic, a slave to our habits, and unhappy in the progression of our daily routine. This is the natural cycle of living, we have upbeat and energetic times, and times of slowness and potential lethargy. We’re simply not able to run at 100% every day, and that would burn us out if we could. For wise people, this natural ebb and flow of our life energy helps us unwind, and come back to our energetic times with more integrity and happiness behind us.


However, if these down periods last for a period of time, and interfere with the general course of our lives, we often find it difficult to continue. This can be a problem, and it must be rectified. Getting into a funk can rob you of your self-worth, and if you’re to live in a healthy manner, this must be retrieved any way you can. Your happiness will depend on it.


Still, it can be hard to know where to start. If the answers came easily, it would be easy to never enter a funk. Sometimes, that’s not the case. Health planning does not come naturally. It’s likely you’re looking for some useful advice. We’d like to offer some.


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A ‘ health planning day’ can give you a renewed sense of purpose and ability. This will naturally develop and improve your self-worth back to its original levels. Like a snowball, the effects of this will increase, until the day you feel most comfortable in your skin arrives. This day should be used to identify your goals going forward, your methods to prevent a funk from re-occurring, and simply attitudes to keep. Placing your writings or charts on your bedroom wall can help you remember them, and stay on track.


Here’s what you should focus on in your health planning day:


What You’ll Do


You might be functioning at just the level you need to get to work, and maintain your current way of living. But how long has it been since you diligently pursued a goal? Since you felt a sense of adventure and risk? Since you enjoyed and shared a new experience with someone? This is the time to head both feet forward in the direction of your goals. It could be that you’ve always wanted to write about sports for a magazine you respect. If so, consider crafting some articles and sending them in from a freelance capacity! It could be that you’ve always wanted to learn how to cook, but never have done. Heading to a local class can help you learn the basics and become much healthier and frugal in your dietary choices.


The only way to really make progress towards these goals is if you’re realistic about them. Find the venues of which you must attend, note their opening times, and fit that into your schedule. Then, at your earliest convenience, make the effort to head outside of your comfort zone. Getting to a new place, and breaking up the current plan of your schedule can help you experience a new way of life, and really open you up to just how many people there are to meet and activities to take part in. This will likely encourage your adventurous spirit from the get-go.


Consider Your Health Conditions


If you have health conditions which have surfaced, or are likely to surface, consider noting them here, and managing them more effectively. For example, if you realize that your age bracket has an increased risk of cancer, it’s important to consider how to improve your general observation of your symptoms. If you are experiencing petty conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, you might be well served by checking IBS relief and stocking up on the medicines you need. Your physical health plays intimately with your mental health, and so making sure you take health planning seriously and take care of both sides here can help them inform each other in a positive way.


Meet New People


It’s important to constantly have an engaging social life. This doesn’t mean you need a thriving social life, just one which is continually stimulated. Meeting someone for lunch can be ten times as enjoyable and healthy as spending a full day playing video games. Take opportunities to go out of your way to experience social connection.


You should always feel comfortable by yourself, and if you find your issue is hanging around the wrong people, this might be a prescription you need. However, finding like-minded people through a community you are interested in and is healthy for you can improve your life like no other effort. Past falling in love, getting married and having a child, there is simply no better feeling than making a new friend, especially one you love and respect.


Developing your support network in this way might help you have a shoulder to cry on, or someone to express your difficulties to. This could prevent you falling into a new funk, by feeling connected and happy in your social surroundings.


Be Grateful


What are you grateful for? Take a few moments to think of this, and it’s likely many of these will crop up to the surface of your mind. Because we are wired to continually maintain our survival and gather new resources or move forward, it’s easy for us to ignore the beauty of our current situation. If you are able to do so, however, you will feel more at ease in your surroundings, and happier in your general life. Counting your blessings is a fantastic way to become more involved in your life, as you see it as a more friendly place than you otherwise might have done. If you have nothing to be grateful for, at least be happy you have your health, you live in a society which affords you time and freedom to ask these questions, and that you always, always, always have the potential to change your situation for the better.

We hope this article has compounded the importance of implementing many ‘ health planning days’ in your life.



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