How to Market Your Business From Home

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As a stay at home mum or dad, there are several businesses you can do. A recent article on the Guardian shared 10 business ideas for stay at home mums and they were all fantastic ideas. If you are a professional, how do you begin your stay at home business with very little capital? The obvious answer is to go online, but most people do not know where to start.  Here are 3 ways you can market your business from home.



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3 Ways to market your business online


1. Start a blog


If you are offering professional services like accounting, a good place to start if you want to market your business online is with a blog. Before you start a blog though, you must have identified your preferred niche. For example, if you are offering accounting services, it is a good idea to narrow down the type of businesses you want to target. So let’s say you are focusing on accounting services for small law firms, your blog name should signify that.

When setting up your blog, the ideal is to buy a domain name and pay for hosting. But if you can’t afford that, then I would advice that you use for several reasons:


 i. It is secure and not easily hacked intl

ii. It looks professional

iii. It is easy to work with


Bear in mind that you cannot put Google Ads on a wordpress blog, but if you really want to run a professional blog, I would not advice that you put up Google Ads anyway.

Once you have your blog up, set up a posting schedule. Don’t take on more than you can handle at first. If all you can do is once a week or once in 2 weeks, that is fine, but try as much as possible to stick to your schedule and only post articles that are relevant to your specific niche.


2. Get Social


Social media is very important in building your brand and spreading awareness about your new business. It is a fast way to market your business – IF you do it right. There are a few things to note:


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 i. There is a difference between your personal Facebook account and your business page. Set up a page for your business and keep your business posts to that page.

 ii. If you must share your business on your personal page, keep it to the barest minimum

 iii. Social media focuses on social. So share other people’s stuff and comment on their posts.

 iv. Leverage Twitter by sharing interesting news and articles. Let those who follow you get up to date information about that particular niche.


3. Contribute


If you are marketing to young engineers for instance, find out where they hang out the most and get active there. Bear in mind that this could be a Facebook page or Twitter as a whole. It could even be a blog.

Once you have identified where they are, do not just bombard them with information about your business. That is called SPAMMING. Contribute meaningfully and add value to the community. If it is a blog, you could contact the admin/owner and offer to submit a guest post. The post should be about a topic that is relevant to the community then you can put information about you and your business at the end, in the by-line.


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Marketing your business online is hard work, but it pays off in a big way!

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