Diamond Hermes handbag sells for over 1 Hundred Million Naira

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Diamond hermes handbag

This beautiful Diamond Hermes handbag, a Birkin to be exact, just sold for 105,959,305 Naira. Yeah, you read that right…over One Hundred MILLION Naira!


Okay, we get that it is a Birkin and honestly, those are like the goddess of all handbags. To be honest, they cannot even be categorized as handbags…the Birkin is in a class of it’s own. But this is just plain ridiculous!


On their site, cnn.com describes the bag as “A matte white Diamond Himalaya Niloticus crocodile diamond Birkin 30 with 18k white gold and diamond hardware” and “the most expensive handbag ever sold at auction.”


The bag is made from Himalayan crocodile leather and has hardware made from 18k white gold and diamond.


[/media-credit] Hermes Ostrich Birkin Bag


To be honest, this is not the only Birkin that is selling for such a high amount as there was a record breaking sale of another Birkin – a fuchsia diamond-studded Hermes Birkin – and this one sold at $222,000 (that’s over 78 Million Naira).


Even an ordinary run of the mill Birkin (and we all know that there is nothing ordinary about the Birkin) goes for about 5 Million Naira (yes, just for a bag), so it’s not surprising really that these ones with diamonds and gold details are much more expensive.


If you want to buy an original Birkin, you would have to join a waiting list as only a few are made every year. For the Himalayan Birkin though, there are only 2 handbags made each year. Yeah. As we say in Nigeria, there are levels.


While the world goes crazy about the Diamond Hermes handbag, we just want to know only one thing: Who bought the bag?



Source: CNN.com





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