Omoni Oboli Nunu Milk Brand Ambassador

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Omoni Oboli Nunu Brand Ambassador! Today we are celebrating the beautiful Omoni Oboli who just signed a deal with Nunu Milk to be their brand Ambassador. We are always happy for a sister who is doing well, but when she is a wife and mum, we get particularly excited.

Omoni has had a successful career as an actress and also as a script writer and director. Some movies she has to her credit include Being Mrs Elliot, The First Lady and The Figurine.

Most of us know that it is not easy to cope with such a demanding career and still be a wife and mom of 3 boys. Sacrifices would have been made. For Omoni, she left acting for 10 years and returned to the acting scene only a couple of years ago. So we understand that it could not have been easy to achieve all that she is and still stay so grounded and focused on the things that really matter.

We have no idea how she copes and still looks as gorgeous as she does. Mrs Oboli has also made a statement with her hair, which is completely 100 percent natural; she is a proud member of Team Natural and we especially love that! We love that she can show women how to truly accept who they are and that they are beautiful just the way they are. That is really special.

Omoni Oboli Nunu Milk -

We are proud of Omoni Oboli Nunu Brand Ambassador. Congratulations to her and we wish her even bigger accolades!

Source: Vanguard news

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