Online Shopping Guide: Where To Get What

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Online shopping really has taken over the traditional way of flipping through racks of clothes and bargaining prices with shop attendants – an act a lot of women consider therapeutic. The culture of online shopping has taken such a strong hold that certain individuals would rather shop online than go to the walk-in store next door.

Certain people like me.


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It took me quite a number of months to realize I will rather shop online in the comfort of my room and a cup of coffee than go store to store looking for the perfect item. It got so bad that I would see what I liked in a store and rather than walk in, I would whip out my phone and check Jumia.


If you are one of those obsessed online shoppers, this guide of where to get what in Nigeria might help you.



Jumia has an awful lot of makeup than a lot of strictly online makeup stores and their prices are pretty decent.

Babemakeup used to carry some rare makeup items like ELF & Kabuki brushes but honestly, they are not doing so well right now. Jumia definitely carries more products. Babemakeup also sell in wholesale prices so I guess that’s a plus for them.

Beauty Revolution NG is a great place to shop for makeup. They have products your probably won’t find on any Nigerian ecommerce store. Products like Kylie Cosmetics, Giorgio Armani foundation, Nars foundation and so on.



The slight disadvantage to buying makeup online is when you are thinking of trying a different brand of foundation. What happens if it’s not your color? This post on StyleMeAfrica already has that covered.


Natural Hair Products

Natural hair products are annoyingly rare. It’s almost impossible to walk into a beauty store and see Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO) for sale. However, stores like Olori and Sizzelle carry all the natural hair products you can think of including essential oils (EO). The EO’s are quite expensive though.

Jumia also carries natural hair products but they’re more expensive than the aforementioned.





The only e-commerce store I know of that carries a lot of weaves is Kaymu. They also sell fashion items for relatively cheap prices. As at the last time I shopped there, they only delivered in Lagos. Maybe now that it’s been acquired by Jumia, things will be different.



As a financial rule, I try really hard not to shop online as they are ridiculously expensive. N8000 for a pair of white jeans? No thank you. I used to shop at New Look and Missguided – their sales section was like caramel in my mouth. But with the recent economy issues (a.k.a. Naira devaluation), my bank account is not in support.



Now I just grudgingly walk into boutiques to buy my clothes.


Are you a lover of online shopping? Tell us where you get your stuff


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