Rock Pencil Skirts the Kim Kardashian Way

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Hate her or love her, reality TV star Kim Kardashian-West is one kick ass dresser. From body fitting outfits to perfectly paired denims, she never steps out without making a fashion statement.


One of her wardrobe choices I’m absolutely in love with are her pencil skirts. Kim definitely knows how to rock those. Her outfits are usually simple, stylish and totally lovable.


kk skirt 7


If you have a selective wardrobe crush on her like I do and you want to rock pencil skirts like the super star, here’s how:


Get a great designer.

Notice how all Kim’s skirts cling to her body like a second skin? There’s no way she’s buying those off the rack – her clothes are tailor-fitted. Get a fashion designer with freakishly good skills and let them sew all your skirts.


kk skirt 4

Invest in pairs of heels (straps & pumps)

In the thousands of times Kim has been photographed walking the street like it’s her personal runway, pretty sure you’ve never seen her wear ballet flats or flat sandals. With a nice pair of heels, the simplest outfits can look Vogue-worthy.



kim kardashian skirts


You’re thinking that sounds like a lot of pain – wearing high heels all week. Well if you want to “slay” like Kim, you have to be willing for your soles to hurt like Kim’s (probably). You can also get heel support.


Less accessories, more designer purses.

Hardly would you ever see Kim’s neck overflowing with statement jewelries. She keeps it as simple as possible. Her accessories are usually her shoes and her super-expensive designer purses. She does once in a while wear simple jewelry on her neck.

kk skirt 2


Pairing the skirts.

Now you have all the items you need for a Kim pencil skirt street style, how do you wear it?


The first key is to never wear too many colors. Three is manageable but any color combination higher than that will be hard to pull off. Also try not to wear all-round flashy colors.


kk skirt 8



Please, please don’t be matchy!

Sometimes we try to do the red pumps, red purse, red hair accessories kind of thing and that’s really not necessary. Remember, the person we are trying to emulate is expensively simple. Should you choose to match colors, use basic colors like black, white or nude.


kk skirt 3


Keep it as simple as possible.

No need to start looking for your embellished shirt to match with your skirt. Sometimes all Kim stepped out with was a skirt, a sleeveless top and a pair of pumps. With fashion, simpler is usually better.


kk skirt 6


That said, you can pair your skirts with shirts, crop tops, sleeveless tops and you are already rocking skirts the Kim Kardashian way.

kk skirt 5



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