Style Trend: Ripped and Loving It

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Ripped jeans is one of those style trends that took a while for people to accept. Despite how slow it took to catch on, a lot of people still have reservations about it but luckily, these reservations can be worked out.

As the number one advocate for ripped jeans, I have taken it upon myself to try to convince you that everyone can wear ripped jeans. The fashion industry is evolving and we have to evolve with it. There isn’t just one type of ripped jeans and I’m pretty sure that no matter who you are or what your reservations are, there’s one ripped denim that is just right for you.

Now let’s cure you of your ripped denim bias by discussing some of the reasons people have given for not wearing ripped jeans and a way around it.

“It’s for crazy people”

Maybe it was due to the fact that when this trend came to Nigeria, it was called “crazy jeans”. And you can’t deny, a name could either attract or disgust people. If it makes you feel any better, they are actually called ripped jeans or distressed jeans.

ripped jeans
Does she look crazy? I think not

Photo credit: Kamdora

“It’s trashy”

A handful of people consider ripped jeans “trashy” and “not for decent girls”. But the truth is, the “trashiness” is determined by where the jeans become ripped. You could always go for denims that are ripped by the knee and not higher up.

very untrashy
very un-trashy

Photo credit: Pinterest

“It’s not classy”

Now now, we fashionistas know that once you strap on a nice pair of heels, anything can go from ordinary to classy. You can wear a blazer and accessorize with gorgeous neckpieces and your favorite purse.

classy alert!

Photo credit: Kamdora

“I don’t wear trousers.”

For those fashion sisters who choose not to wear trousers for religious or personal reasons, I have good news, there are ripped skirts and they too are gorgeous. Even style icon Genevieve Nnaji dived into this trend.


Photo credit: Pinterest

Now that we have eased all you worry about ripped jeans, go purchase your pair(s) and rock them stylishly.

Photo credit: Kamdora

Photo credit: Kamdora


Photo credit: Kamdora

Photo credit: Kamdora


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