SUNDAY Magazine: 3 Fabulous Vacation Spots in Nigeria

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[media-credit id=1 align=”aligncenter” width=”640″]Honeycomb[/media-credit]Nigeria is a beautiful country with huge tourism potential. From the rich rain forests in the South of the country, to the deserts in the far North; the beautiful islands and beaches in the Niger-Delta and the rolling hills of the Plateau … we have such variety of destinations to choose from and when you add the cultural heritage into the mix, it is clear that Nigerians do not need to leave these shores to have a good time.

Yet these places remain under-utilized as Nigerians prefer to spend their money on vacations outside the country. To be fair it isn’t really our fault. Most of these places have tourism potential which remains undeveloped and those that have been developed to some extent are not given enough publicity and so many people don’t even know about them. This week’s SUNDAY Magazine will show you 3 amazing places where you can have a fantastic holiday with your family.


1. Obudu Cattle Ranch

[media-credit id=1 align=”aligncenter” width=”600″]image[/media-credit]Most Nigerians know about the Obudu Cattle Ranch. It is located within the mountains of Cross Rivers state and is about 2 – 3 hours drive from the capital, Calabar.

As soon as you get to the foot of the mountain, the adventure begins. You can take a steep and curved road to the cable car point and take an awe-inspiring ride in a cable car all the way to the top or you can drive up. If you choose to drive, the trip is definitely worthwhile as you’ll drive past several natural waterfalls.

Once on the ranch, the old world charm of the place will pull you in. Don’t forget to check the pictures at the reception; you won’t believe that we once had such animals in this country. Your kids will enjoy the water park as well.

Obudu is always cold so pack warm clothing.


2. Opoma Beach

[media-credit id=1 align=”aligncenter” width=”600″]image[/media-credit]This is one undiscovered natural resource that has lain hidden from lots of people in this country. Located in Bayelsa state, this beach is home to the Atlantic Ocean. There are miles and miles of beach here, and the Ocean has not claimed the land as seen in some beaches in other parts of the country and best of all, it isn’t crowded.

Getting to Opoma beach requires a boat ride to Brass Island and then a road trip to the beach. If you’re not keen on being in a boat, there are helicopter rides to Brass island. It’s a romantic experience and your kids will also have a lot of fun.

Don’t leave Brass island without tasting the absolutely delicious meal of roasted plantain and barbecued fish that’s been freshly caught.


3. Oasis Water Park

[media-credit id=1 align=”aligncenter” width=”600″]image[/media-credit]Oasis water park is located in the heart of Yenagoa, the capital of Bayelsa state. It is exactly as the name implies, an oasis in a concrete desert (or jungle as the case might be). Yenagoa is a beautiful city, but it is one that is still growing and as such there’s a lot of construction and traffic in the city. However, you would never guess that there is a place like Oasis water park right there. It is a large fenced-in lake and they have a wide variety of water sports including water bike riding, water volley ball and lots more. There’s a bouncing castle for the children and it is lots of fun for everyone.

Oasis also has a beautiful restaurant and bar and in the evening, the karaoke is something you don’t want to miss. A weekend in Yenagoa will give your family a beautiful holiday experience thanks to Oasis water park.

[media-credit id=1 align=”aligncenter” width=”600″]Holiday spots in Nigeria[/media-credit]Next time you need to plan a family vacation, or even just a little personal time, pay a visit to any of these places. It’s patriotic and it promises to be an experience.





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