The Glass House: Neighbours (A Radio Drama)

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Mrs Elawi and Mama Roli are now friends. Their experience in the last episode has brought them closer together and they seem to understand each other better. But then, Mrs E’s chickens have been mysteriously disappearing and she’s at a loss as to the solution. She’s busy blaming her help one day when Gozuwe, another neighbour, happens upon them. He claims to have seen Mama Roli stealing Mrs E’s chickens and offers some more ‘evidence’ of the fact.

Angry and feeling betrayed, Mrs E goes to inform her husband who warns her about accusing people without evidence. Undeterred, Mrs E goes on to confront Mama Roli and they have a showdown. Things turn ugly and then the real thief is revealed, making Mrs E eat humble pie.

Listening to this episode, we could recognize ourselves in Mrs Elawi; we’ve all accused people falsely before. Or maybe you are more like Mama Roli and have had people blame you for what you didn’t do? How did you deal with the situation (whether you were the accuser or the accusee?)

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