Toddlers Corner: How to Engage your Toddler

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[media-credit name=”Image by © Ocean/Corbis” align=”alignnone” width=”640″]Mother and daughter playing with letters[/media-credit]Remember in our last post on how to discipline your toddlers we mentioned that toddlers are attention seekers and they sometimes create tantrums just because they want to and because they crave the attention of their parents, siblings or wards.

Toddlers are most times very restless, you really wont blame them because all they do is eat, sleep and play.  That is why it is essential for parents to create fun games for their toddlers by doing this you are engaging them so they wont be bored, cry and throw tantrums.

Imagine a scenario where you are the only one with your toddler at home, you have a lot lined up to do,just when you are about starting what you have to do, you hear your toddler crying. What do you do in such a situation? you simply engage the child to do something that will take his or her attention away from why she was crying.

If there is light, you can put on the television for he or she to watch cartoons, play a song you know she likes, or give her the toys you know she loves playing with. By doing this, you have succeeded in getting your toddler engaged even if its for just 30 minutes or how. At least, you would have gotten some amount of work done within this period.

Spending time with your kids should be the no 1 priority of parents, it makes you bond with them better, it also makes you find out things you dint know about your child.We don’t always have to shut them up when they seek for this attentions, at times we should also give them the desired attention they need. Some parents act too serious, they send their toddlers to bed or ask their older siblings or the domestic help to play them rather than spending at least 5 to 10 minutes of their time to play with them.

When you are less busy, you can decide to play with your toddler, initiate fun games which they would enjoy doing. But remember to only initiate games appropriate for your child. You cannot initiate games meant for a 3 year old for a 1 year old.

Be creative and watch out for what your toddler enjoys doing, by doing this you would know ways on how to fully engage your toddler when she is bored, crying or throwing tantrums.

Finally, please when next your toddler wants to play with you, kindly indulge them.


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