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Hi all welcome to Le chateau! (Meaning large house in French) Please make yourself comfortable.  Would you like some tea or coffee?   Water, Juice, soda may be?   I can almost hear your thoughts.  “What’s she thinking? how can she offer soda?” let’s just say we’d get back to that in a bit. 

I have some freshly baked cookies, we ran out of the ones I made with the kids just yesterday.  Hmmnn..! They were soo good.   I just had to make some more, only this time I had to do it all by myself as the kids are back in school.

 The long hols was so much fun. It afforded me an opportunity to really spend time and bond with them.  I actually took a couple of days off work to spend time with them.  We did a lot of things together art, music, outings, baking, name it.  I kind of miss them.

So, would you have some of the cookies? Ok! Ok!! I have some veggies so I can quickly put together a salad for you if you’d rather have that.  By the way, why is your baby crying so much? You said you just changed her diapers. 

May be its hunger…. or could it be colic?  Phew! So this is what all that vexing was about? – Breast milk!  Babies can be so funny (sighs) you’re never too sure why they are crying. You mentioned in your sms, that you want us to discuss buying food in bulk and fixing meals but it’s about time to go pick the kids from School. 

I wonder where all the time has gone.  I’ve really been considering putting them on the bus!…. You know what? Let’s fix another time. We’ll talk about those issues and lots more.  Yeah! you are right!  I talk A LOT! In fact that’s all we’re going to be doing in le chateau. Let’s do this again!


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