What Five Things Does A Successful Relationship Need?

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A successful, healthy and loving relationship is available to everyone, but it doesn’t always feel possible.

Too many times when we’re trying to find love, we get trapped in a relationship that isn’t healthy for either partner, and doesn’t give us what we need — ultimately damaging us and creating unhappiness. So what does a successful relationship need?

On its own, loving someone is not enough to create and nurture a successful relationship. In the post below, we’ll be talking about five things that make the foundations of a successful relationship — and will result in long-lasting happiness and love.

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1.  Laughter

It’s a cliché that laughter is the greatest medicine, but it’s also true; laughter releases feel-good chemicals in your body, helps you to form social bonds and is even good for your heart.

Laughter is also a good sign that your relationship is going well. For a start, it’s an indication that you like the person you’re with and you enjoy spending time with them; you’re having fun when you’re together and you’ve established a connection. This is a good foundation for a relationship.

It doesn’t just stop at finding each other funny either; you need to be able to laugh at yourselves, your arguments and your mistakes. A successful relationship isn’t all seriousness — it’s about lightness too.

Humor can lighten a tense situation, help you resolve arguments, relieve stress, build intimacy and put things in perspective — improving your relationship enormously.

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2.  Trust

Trust is vital to the survival of any relationship. If you don’t trust someone, your relationship will flounder and fail — and it will impact your growth and happiness as a person too.

It’s doesn’t matter what the lack of trust stems from. Whether it’s infidelity, a lack of honesty, or money problems — trusting your partner and them trusting in you — is a must for any successful relationship.

You need to know that they will be there for you, not just physically but emotionally. And how can you count on them for this if you can’t trust them?

If you’re already struggling with trust issues from a previous relationship, then work on building your own confidence and self-love before you head straight into another one. Getting counseling or working with a love coach will help you to resolve your issues and prevent future problems; only by realizing your own worth and growing in confidence will help you to avoid falling into a cycle of unhealthy, trustless relationships. 

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3.  Honest communication

If you want to have a successful relationship, then you need to be able to communicate with each other openly and honestly. We’re not just talking about asking how your partner’s day was, or deciding on what you’re having for dinner; we’re talking about the harder conversations.

Whether you’re discussing your feelings, finances, a difficult family situation or something else, it can be so hard to talk to your other half (even if you love them). Perhaps you’re angry and you don’t want to lose your temper, or you’re worried about hurting their feelings or making a situation more difficult or awkward.

It’s all too easy to shove these feelings down and pretend that everything is fine — until of course, everything eventually blows up and you end up having a blazing row.

Be honest with your partner if something is upsetting or frustrating you (or you’re in the wrong): there are ways you can initiate tricky conversations in a gentle, loving way so that you avoid tears or screaming matches.

Remember to really listen to what your partner has to say, too; meaningful conversations aren’t just one-sided. Take their points on board and respond with compassion; don’t be afraid to apologize either. This is how you can both ensure that you remain on the same page and that your relationship stays successful.

4.  Commitment

Commitment is so important in a relationship! Yes, you can have fun seeing someone strings-free for a while, but if you want to have a long-lasting, successful relationship with them, you’re both going to have to commit at some point or another.

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If you truly love someone, then this won’t be an issue. What is the point in chasing after other people or “keeping your options open” if you’re finding much more happiness and fun with one person?

If your partner gets nervous about committing or showing their commitment, then this is generally a warning sign that they aren’t as invested in your relationship as you’d like them to be. If it’s early days, then fair enough. But if you’ve been together for a few years and they’re still struggling to call you their boyfriend/girlfriend or keep making excuses to avoid moving in with you, then it’s probably time to have an honest conversation about where you both see this relationship headed.

5.  Independence

While it’s great to find so much happiness and comfort in one other person, it’s not healthy to rely solely on one person to give you everything you need emotionally — or to give up the goals and dreams you had before your relationship began.

Keep up the parts of your life and your identity that you enjoyed before your partner came along. Maybe you love dancing or yoga, or drinking wine every Friday night with your besties. Maybe you love going away on your own or visiting your sisters. Whatever it is, you can make space for both your relationship and your independence in your life.

This doesn’t mean you should avoid making plans and sharing dreams with your other half; sharing goals and dreams that resonate with both of you is one of the most exciting parts of being in a successful relationship and building a life together.

Of course, there are many things that make up a relationship, as well as the two people in it — and no two relationships are the same. However, these five things are a solid foundation for a successful relationship.

Master these five things and you will find that your relationship thrives and lasts, providing you with love and happiness.



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