What to Do When You Feel Too Busy to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

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Trying to live a healthy lifestyle while running a business and home is hard. I would say almost impossible, except I don’t want to use that word. By the time I’m done with half my chores, I’m too exhausted to think about it.

Yet, I know that the only way to really cope with all I need to do is to be healthy. And, that involves lifestyle changes.

healthy lifestyle smoothie
Healthy lifestyle changes can start with a smoothie

Interestingly, most of us know that living a healthy lifestyle isn’t the easiest thing to do, and the sad truth is that many of us simply feel just too busy in life to implement any healthy changes.

Actually, it’s not necessarily that you don’t have the motivation or you don’t want to have a better lifestyle – it’s simply that you don’t feel you have the time to make the required changes in order to turn your lifestyle around (because, yes, it does take time and mental energy to make positive changes!)

But you CAN turn things around if you change your mindset and the way you’re going about things. Here’s how…

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oats for a healthy lifestyle
Healthy breakfast option

1) Make small changes

First, you don’t have to completely revamp your lifestyle overnight. In fact, with your current work schedule and other things going on, you may never be able to achieve your ideal lifestyle. It’s important to remember that you don’t have to become one of those people who goes to the gym at 5 am every morning and manages to drink enough water throughout the day. Start with simple changes, such as eating a healthier breakfast or taking the stairs up to the office. Smaller really is better than nothing, honestly!

Living a healthy lifestyle

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

2) Find a buddy

Honestly, I can’t stress this enough. The times that I’ve been the healthiest in my life, are those times I had an accountability partner. Rather than trying to make a change on your own, find somebody to do it with you.

Of course, this could literally be anyone. Your partner, your best friend, a neighbor or the entire family. When you are all making lifestyle changes together, it’s not only easier to stick to it, but also to get the support that you need during tough times.

meditation for mental wellbeing

3) Remember it’s not just about physical health

See, we tend to equate living a healthy lifestyle with losing weight. And maybe it is to some extent. But, it’s about much more than just exercising and eating better foods. It’s also about your mental health, so you can think about ways in which to improve this too.

For instance, spend an hour just once a week after work to meditate. Or have a drink with some friends or even attend talking therapy sessions if you feel you have things to offload throughout the week. Still feel too busy? Well, this is exactly why you need this time out. Everyone can prioritize 10 minutes a day for some quiet time, and you really must if you’re feeling frazzled. The rest will follow.

4) If you don’t succeed, try again!

Furthermore, it might seem like a good idea to start a new diet on Monday. But, if you feel like giving up by Wednesday, don’t sweat it. Allow yourself time to ease into a healthier lifestyle, and be patient with yourself too. And, if you fall off the wagon, just put it behind you, get back up and start again. A healthy lifestyle is something that you should be able to keep for the rest of your life – it’s not a short term fix.

So, still not sure you can live a healthy lifestyle? Share with us what you think is holding you back.


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