Yvonne Nelson Has Some Dating Advice for You All

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You know how we normal people have an episode/moment every once in a while then go on Social media to vent and talk about all our feelings vaguely or otherwise. Turns out celebrities have those too.


Ghanaian actress and movie producer Yvonne Nelson had one of those totally relatable moments. She went on Twitter to give advice about relationships and her insight as to what relationship needs. Considering her short romance with musician Iyanya, and the fact that no one really knows who she is dating right now, fans were jumping at her tweets; retweeting, commenting while some were deciphering – trying to figure out who got the gorgeous actress lovestoned or heartbroken.


Here is some of Yvonne’s advice for you all in relationships or about to be in one:

“Date a guy that says things like :drive safe,text me when ur home,
let’s hang out w ur fam
please be careful
how was ur day
im so proud of u”

— Yvonne Nelson (@yvonnenelsongh) July 31, 2016


One mans “annoying female” is another mans “damn baby where you been all my life”   — Yvonne Nelson


“If ur girlfriend isnt the most annoying human you’ve ever met in ur life then is she really ur girlfriend??”

— Yvonne Nelson (@yvonnenelsongh) July 31, 2016

“Half you boys better pray your daughter never runs into a guy like you”

— Yvonne Nelson (@yvonnenelsongh) July 31, 2016

“never settle for anyone who isn’t absolutely, insanely, & foolishly happy to be with you”

— Yvonne Nelson (@yvonnenelsongh) July 31, 2016


You have to admit, those are sound advice.



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