3 Blends Which Will Kill Your Smoothie

This is a guest post and it’s for the smoothie lovers out there. We’ve written quite a lot about smoothies because when done right, it is great for weight loss, but more for healthy living. However, there are dangerous blends. Read the post below to know just what should not go into your smoothie.

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3 blends that will kill your smoothie

The idea of the smoothie is fantastic, you pick a combination of healthy and nutritious foods, mix with some good flavors and create for yourself a healthy, awesome new blend to drink. It’s safe to say that smoothies have gone crazy over the last few years, but is it really an anything goes free for all?


Well no, there are just some combos which do not work – and should not be attempted. This can because some things  just do not play well together, because they counteract each other or just taste utterly foul.


Of all the bad combos or ingredients, three stand out above all others. That is to say, many taste combos are down to personal choices and tastes, but these three are just no good. They are dried superfoods, store-bought fruit juices, and extra oils. To find out why, check out this guide for on what not to include in your smoothie.


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