4 Year Old Attacked by Neighbour’s Dogs.

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Yesterday, I read in the news, about a 4 year old, omonigho Abraham who was attacked and his skull chewed up by their neighbour’s dogs. I am not just in shock, I am appalled, I thought they said “dogs are a man’s best friend”? What beats me most is the fact that policeman and sympathisers watched the dogs drag him through the compound for more than an hour, without doing anything for the fear of being attacked by the savage dogs. Are you kidding me?

Policemen and adults watch dogs eat up a 4 year old’s skull? Someone please wake me up from this nightmare. The same Nigerian police, that are supposed to protect us from armed robbery and the likes, cannot even protect a 4 year old from 3 hungry dogs, what a shame.

I, for one, cannot stand pets, be it cats, dogs, rats and what have you, but that is just me. On the other hand, an still trying to understand, why any sane person will keep three big dogs in a public compound with kids, and let them loose? Why should that even be allowed? I Am pissed at everyone involved in this.

I strongly recommend that dogs and all other forms of dangerous pets should not be allowed in public compounds, No! It is just wrong. And even when kept in private compounds for security reasons, should be kept far away from the kids.

Mothers, what will you do, if you come home to find out that your four year old child has been eaten up by dogs? (God forbid!)




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