I Was Virgin Till I Turned 28 – Asa

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In a rare candid interview with the queen of Nigerian talk show, Funmi Iyanda, international artiste, Asa speaks about her life as a musician and as a woman. Although the interview took place in a couple of years back (2015) in London, it was only published this month (October, 2017) and is trending on YouTube at No.10.

We will share the video, but for those who do not have the patience to watch it, here are excerpts below:

Asa and Funmi Iyanda

On Dating and Relationships

According to Asa, at first she was shy and didn’t get out much, then she had this long list of what she wanted in a guy; he had to be tall, she didn’t want an artiste. Later as she got older, she tweaked the list and now he doesn’t have to be tall, but he needs to be able to buy her shoes and bags; she doesn’t want a man who she will have to take care of.

On Losing Her Virginity

“On the day I lost my virginity, I called my manager, Janet to tell her and she was surprised that I was a very late starter. I also called my mum and she didn’t have any advice, she said, “it will be painful at first’, and I was there wondering what she was saying.

I was shy and I was in a place where i needed to carry the world on my shoulder and i needed to be straight and to focus on my career so i wasn’t thinking about that, and of course i was still sitting in the house thinking he would come…”




On being depressed after ‘Beautiful Imperfections’ Tour

“It was [gruelling], I was [exhausted] and didn’t know I was until we stopped. I had lost a lot of me and I’d lost a lot about…you know, of me because I give so much, every night, it was always…we had to give 200 percent. So I was so naked in front of the people and when I came back, it took a while to get back to the normal me.”

She went into depression then took a trip to somewhere different to meet people and see people.


On her source of inspiration

“Sometimes they just come and a lot of times they don’t and I have to go to find inspiration. I have to sit down wherever I am and find inspiration. It’s almost like handwork, like sewing, you just have to work at it.”


angelique kidjo


On Angelique Kidjo

“She’s a mentor. She’s a true artiste and a very good human being. She gives…I love her.”


For the full interview, watch the video below:


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