7 Habits of Successful People

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Success does not come “over-night”. It takes a lot of hard work and perseverance. One thing most successful people have found out is that success is not a place, but a continuous series of achievements. It is a lifestyle.  A lifestyle is usually made up of habits and there are those that characterize successful people. We’ll share a few below.

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Secrets of Successful People

1. They Read A Lot

Successful people read a lot. Studies show that most of the worlds’ successful people like Mark Cuban, read for 3 hours a day. Bill Gates reads for one hour as part of his bed time routine. J.K Rowling, the first ever Billionaire author reads absolutely anything as a child. President Obama and Albert Einstein are book lovers too.

Reading helps you learn from the successes and mistakes of others instead of just diving in to them.

2. Successful People are Early Risers

This is really not an easy thing to do but most people who want to achieve more in life do. While others are sleeping, successful people are awake. Jeff Nthiwa, a life coach said “Whether you are employed, running your own business or a student, if you want to make a mark on the planet, you must be an early riser”.

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3. They Exercise Regularly

Exercise is one thing successful people never miss out on. In fact, for them, using too much work as an excuse not to exercise is counterproductive. Exercise helps you achieve more. It makes you smarter.

4. Successful People Force Themselves To Do Work


What separates professionals from wannabes is that Pros works even when they don’t feel like. Next time when you don’t feel like working try forcing yourself to work for 15 minutes, and then see what happens. In case the 15 minutes does not work, try the 30 minutes. Usually after the 30 minutes you would have gained momentum to work.

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5. They Meditate Often

Studies shows that successful people have a meditative habit. Meditation for some people doesn’t come easily but it has to be deliberately learnt. Meditation alleviates anxiety, pain and prevents depression. If random thoughts start popping in your head, give it something to chew on.

6. They Minimize Distractions

They do their best to eliminate distractions at all cost. Tim Ferris, a famous writer suggested in his book, “The 4-Hour Work book”, that mails should be checked twice a day, 11am and 4pm to achieve maximum result.

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7. Successful People are Givers

They always find a way to give back to the society. According to Carrie Morgridge, successful people give back because it makes them more successful. Not only do they get a good feeling from reaching out to others and making an impact, but by staying laser focused on their mission, they are able to discover new and innovative ways of solving problems.

Finally, Tom Corley, author of Wealthy Habits: The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals, in his book said:

One major thing I discovered very common with successful people is consistency and perseverance. Keeping at it and pressing hard after what you do is one open secret of a successful man. This broadens my understanding of the saying, “Winners don’t quit and Quitters don’t win”.

It’s a new week. Pursue your dream; one step at a time and you’ll surely get there.





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