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I discovered MAC pressed powder a few years ago and became a believer. I stuck with it for several years particularly since I used each one for close to two years before it finished. When the last powder finished I went to the store to replace it and everywhere I went, the price was two times more than it used to be. It was over my budget and I knew it was time to try something new. I went for House of TARA powder.

Coral Lifestyle Magazine reviews House of Tara Powder


I had heard about House of Tara products and I was really proud of what a Nigerian woman could achieve. Hers is an inspirational story. But like most people, that was where my admiration stopped. I did not bother patronizing the products, actually, I’m ashamed to say that it did not even occur to me. Thanks to the current recession in Nigeria, I was forced to buy the powder.

My Reaction to House of Tara Powder

I hated it. That is the honest to goodness truth. I used it the first time and it just didn’t blend well with my skin. Mind you, this was supposed to be my shade. My husband, who does not usually notice these things took one look at me and asked me what on earth I put on my face. According to him, I looked like a C-rate socialite. Ouch.

So I scrubbed it off and went to look for what was left of my MAC powder. Eventually though, there was nothing left to scrape from the bottom of the powder can. It was all gone. So reluctantly, I went back to TARA. I struggled to get the powder to blend with my skin but it just wasn’t working. Then I got a flash of inspiration!

House of Tara Powder review

My Flash of Inspiration

I went back to my empty MAC powder tin, this time not to scrape at it, but to scavenge. I took the powder puff and used it to replace the one which came with the TARA powder and voila! I fell in love. It was the missing puzzle to the perfect powder finish. After that I got compliments from people about how lovely my face looked and requests for recommendations on which powder to use.

Who would have thought that just a single powder puff could change everything?

I have used my TARA powder till it’s almost gone and I’m headed to the store to buy another one. And yes, it will be TARA also.

House of Tara Powder review -

What I liked

I liked the way it was smooth on my skin and how it was not heavy, which was a problem I had with previous powders. I did not feel like my pores were all clogged up.

The friend that recommended the powder to me warned that it would not last through the day. I had a problem with that, but it turned out to last longer than I anticipated. I needed to reapply a couple of times, but it wasn’t too bad.

What I didn’t like

It did not last long. Honestly, I got this one four months ago and it’s already finished. I usually buy powder once in two years. But I understand that we can’t have everything we want.

Tara Powder review -

Also, I totally hated the powder puff. I threw it far, far away never to be seen again. If it were only for the powder puff, I would not touch this powder. Luckily, even with the horrible puff, it’s still a pretty fantastic powder.

I would definitely recommend this!


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