A Man Discovers After 10 Years that His Children are not His

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Hell hath no fury like a man defrauded. At least, that is the case with one Obaduemu Bright, who found himself as the subject of a 10 year old scam. Waka waka carried him all the way to the domain of one Edith Bidokwu. Married man like him, he decided to have an affair with her. That is how she had 2 children for him and began to blackmail him. He had to keep paying money for monthly upkeep, rent, Β and whatever else Edith and her mother could think of. If he even acted like he was thinking of not paying up, they promptly informed him that his wife would hear of the illegitimate children he had outside. Fear made him keep quiet.

Harried and harassed, he decided one day that he’d had enough. On that fateful day, Edith demanded money for rent from him, but he could only raise N170,000. This infuriated the woman. In desperation and frustration, Mr. Bright took the two children for a DNA test and when the results came out, it turned out that the children were not his. Can you imagine his fury? The case is now in court and Edith and her mother have been arraigned for fraud.

We’re tempted to say ‘good for him.’ Married man, what was he looking for outside? We sincerely hope he has learnt his lesson and he keeps his baby maker strictly between him and his wife. As for those women who see a man as a meal ticket and then get pregnant so that he will take care of them…their day of reckoning is coming.

News source: Punch Newspaper






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