NH Etiquette: The Bathroom in Your Guest Room

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[media-credit name=”Image source: la7ha.com” align=”aligncenter” width=”600″]guest bathroom naija housewives[/media-credit]How do you make sure an overnight guest in your home is comfortable? There are several things which go into ascertaining the comfort of your guest and one of those is the bathroom which the guest is going to use. Being a gracious hostess is no easy task and it takes real attention to detail. So here are some tips to note when getting ready for your guest.

Tip 1: The Toiletries

Always make sure that there is a fresh set of toiletries in the bathroom. The bathing soap should be new and unopened. You could buy a row or a pack of tiny guest soap for this purpose so that you don’t feel like you have to throw away a huge bar of soap each time a new visitor arrives. Also ensure that there is a bottle of shampoo present.

If you can, put toothpaste and a brand new brush as well. This is particularly helpful if the person did not plan to spend the night and as a result did not pack toiletries. You will save the person the embarrassment of having to ask.

Tip 2: Have a Clean Towel

This is so important and we have no idea why so many Naija hostesses ignore this fact. Even if you think your guest would have packed a towel, still make sure that there is a clean towel hanging in the bathroom. If there’s no place to hang a towel in your guest bathroom, then fold it neatly on the bed.

Always make sure that you remove the towel after the guest leaves and put a fresh one for a new guest.

Tip 3: A Shower Cap

Even if you don’t have a shower, try to have a shower cap in your guest bathroom.

Tip 4: A Bottle of Water

Have a clean bottle of water in the bathroom.

Tip 5: A Spare Roll of Tissue

We are assuming that you already know you are supposed to have a roll of tissue paper in the bathroom, but you should go a mile further and have a spare roll of tissue there too. If for some reason your guest gets to the end of one roll, he or she would not have to ask you for a second.


There are lots of other items you can have in your guest room bathroom that will help make your guest’s stay a comfortable one, but these are the basics we can think of. If we’ve left anything out, please let us know and we’ll update the post.






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