Etiquette: House Guest Etiquette Rules

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Easter is around the corner, and a good number of us are making plans to spend the season with extended family members and or with family friends.

Being a house guest entails a lot, you do not just pack your bags and travel to your relatives house, without informing them you are coming. If you have been doing this do this, kindly desist.

For you and your family to be the perfect house guests, i will share 6 simply Etiquette Rules that must be observed.

  1. Go with your own toiletries: it is embarrassing when you have to ask your host for virtually everything, including toiletries. Ensure you go with your towels, soap, tooth brush, and all necessary toiletries. If possible go with an extra of each item.
  2. Ask about their house rules: it is also important for you to get to know their “dos” and “don’ts ”. In as much as it is important to know the rules, you should also obey them.
  3. Be neat: ensure you always have your room tided up, keep the toilet seats down, wash your plates after eating, keep the your eating ares as neat as possible. If you are messy, your hosts probably won’t say anything to you, but be rest assured that you won’t be invited back because of it.
  4. Help out with house chores: in as much as you are a guest and your host would not want you stressing yourself in taking part in house chores, it is important you insist on helping. To be a perfect house guest, you also need to assist your host. You can wake up earlier than everyone and prepare breakfast, it would not only take the work load off your guest but would have make them pleased.
  5. Do not overstay you welcome: ensure you leave when you said you would, if what you traveled for is dragging and you still need to stay back, it is advisable you inform your host on time.
  6. Appreciate your host: after your visit, call your host and let them know how much you appreciate them for having you and your family around.

A lot of these rules listed above are often overlooked. To be a perfect house guest, it is advisable you keep this rules.


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