TEENS CORNER: Helping your Teenager Dress Decently

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While growing up, i¬†loved wearing revealing clothes and this caused a huge problem with my mom. She dint see any reason why a daughter of hers would want to wear something that she was not comfortable with. My mom is not the over spiritual ¬†type of woman, so don’t go thinking she that was her reason.

We always had fights cause of my clothes, and this resulted to her making my dad stop giving me money to go shopping on my own, she did the shopping for me. Enough of my life history, before i bore you with them.

The point is as a grownup,i can totally relate to how my mom felt.

Some days back at an ATM queue, there was this beautiful teenage girl, who was also on the queue. She wore a bum short that was so short, it can pass for a pant. Everybody kept looking at her in a disgusting manner, and before it got to her turn to use the ATM, she left. Because the stares made her feel uncomfortable.

I bit she wont come out dressed like that in broad daylight.

Having your teenager dress in an indecent manner does not  tell good of you the parent, it also exposes them to harm. Certain clothes are meant for certain occasions. For example, imagine your teenager wearing a see through blouse to church or a very short dress to church. These outfits are not to be worn to such places in the first place.

Do not let people have a wrong notion about your teenager. If really you want your daughter to have some certain clothes on, the choice is totally up to you.

In recent times, there have being an increase in rape cases and a lot of people have attributed this to indecent dressing. In as much as i am completely against rape, we as parents should not put our teenagers in the spot.

Teenagers are not to be left completely alone, they need the guidance of their¬†parents in order to make the right decisions. They are at that¬†point of their life were they believe they have it all, their friends are doing it so why shouldn’t they.

Teach your teenagers, that they do not need to be dressed indecently to be attractive or to get noticed. They can be very attractive even when the dress decently.



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