A Review of the Audio Drama – Kadara Town: Death in the Family

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Mama Efe has just lost her husband and the family swoops down. She is put through the different rites and goes through a lot:

  • She is made to sleep with the corpse
  • They seize the property and the family home is given to the younger brother of her husband
  • She is blamed for the death of her husband
  • Then to add insult to injury, she is told that she will have to marry one of the brothers since she only had daughters and no son.

Efe the daughter is indignant on behalf of her mother especially when the mother is made to sleep on the floor while the uncle takes over the master bedroom.

Mama Efe’s husband’s eldest sister comes to visit and she is furious. She cannot believe that her brother’s widow is being treated in such a way. She stands up to the family and demands that Mama Efe be treated fairly. Listen to the audio drama below to find out how it all turned out.


Question: Do you think that tradition should be followed strictly or have times changed?


Kadara Town is produced for UNICEF by Africa Radio Drama Association (ARDA)


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