A Review of the Audio Drama – Kadara Town: A Woman’s Story

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Kadara town is like any typical Nigerian town, with similar troubles. In this case, the local government task force people are going round terrorizing business owners. They mostly prey on women, seizing their generating plants or deep freezers and in some cases, drinks, over one spurious charge or the other. When they pounce on Mrs Tutu, she decides that enough is enough and she goes to see Lawyer Shade. She is determined to fight for her right.

Even though we admire her spunk, it is not hard to see that Kadara town ins a male dominated area. Even Mrs. Tutu’s husband is doubtful about her success and would rather just pay off the hooligans. But brave and bold woman that she is, Mrs. Tutu is having none of that. It would be interesting to see how that would work out. Listen to find out how Mrs Tutu’s law suit turned out.

Question: Do you think Tutu acted the way a woman should?

You can listen to the audio of Kadara Town below. It’s not very long.

Kadara Town is an audio drama produced for UNICEF by Africa Radio Drama Association (ARDA)



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