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[dropcaps round=”no”][/dropcaps]Summer vacation is over, the kids are back in School> you can’t hide your joy as you watch them hop on the School bus all dressed up in their new uniforms, school bags, lunch boxes et al.

You’re excited to see they are growing and moving up to the next class (I hope!) but then you’re going to miss them.  The long hols afford us the opportunity to spend more time with them.

Yeah, it’s a lot more work having them at home but then, it’s part of our lives, Isnt it? Getting back in sync with the School routine may be a little hard on the kids especially the preschoolers.

Trust me its sometimes hard on moms too.  Here are a few ideas to help jump start the “back to school” routine:

  • Early to bed< early to rise. I dad drumming this into our ears as kids> oh! How I hated hearing it. An old saying it is but still sooo true.  You want to encourage the kids to go to bed early and strictly enforce it, before long they’ll get the drift.  You may also want to turn in as early as you can too.
  • Pick out uniforms, underpants, socks and all clothing the night before.  Also pack diaper bags, schoolbags (don’t forget the homework books) This ensures that everything needed in the morning is handy and you don’t have to waste precious time look for anything.
  • Serve light breakfast; a bowl of cereal, or a few slices of bread. Eggs or sausages may accompany the above.  You may also want to add fruit eg banana or an apple.  Studies have shown that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  So help your kids to a good start. Don’t send them off to school on an empty stomach!
  • If they kids take packed lunch to school, keep the menu simple, quick and nutritious.  It is a good idea to include the kids in the menu planning to ensure they actually eat it.  Picky eaters may just bring back the lunch untouched.
  • Leave ample time for the drive to School even if the school bus picks them up, work towards getting them ready ahead of the scheduled pick up time.

These may be a lil difficult at first but kids (adults too) love predictability and would settle into the routine in no time. Let’s do this again.


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