Beauty: Tips on how to get a Clear Skin

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It is the desire of most women if not all to have a spotless, beautiful and smooth skin. Women spend huge sums of money to buy beauty products, some of which they react to or end up realizing they aren’t performing the work they would want them to.

Below are simple beauty tips to get that spotless and radiant skin, you have beenlonging for. Enjoy!!

6 Simple Tips for a Clear Skin:

  • Avoid using objects that has dirt, oil and skin residues directly close to the face.
  • Do not scrub your body too hard, as this will make the skin dry and cause it to break out.
  • Use a good skin lotion, preferably a lotion that contains benzoyl peroxide. Benozyl peroxide prevents excessive oil and bacteria on the skin.
  • Do not pop pimples on your face or body, because popping your pimples can push infected materials further into the skin, thereby leading to redness, scarring and swelling of the face or skin.
  • Clean your accessories such as sunglasses, nose rings ,etc, to avoid breakouts.
  • Visit a dermatologist regularly.


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