Boomerang Episode 7: A Radio Drama

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[media-credit id=1 align=”aligncenter” width=”640″]BOOMERANG[/media-credit]Gleefully and filled with triumph, Alhaji Hassan’s minion reports back to him that Governor Tunde has been taken care of; he is now kaput, deleted, no longer in the land of the living…well, you get the idea. The good alhaji is feeling good when the phone rings and it’s the Governor at the other side. Shocked to hear the Governor’s voice, it takes a while for it to sink in that the hit he’d ordered, ended his son.

Nasiru’s mother is heartbroken; Nasiru was her only son. Governor Tunde is left with the task of comforting her. Then he goes over to Alhaji’s place to commiserate with him and while there, the police arrive to arrest the Alhaji. Apparently, the hit men were arrested and they were talking.

The entire thing was just so sad. How a man’s lust and desire for power could put him in such a situation. We have many Alhaji Hassans in this country and they would do anything to retain power. One is tempted to think that what happened to Alhaji Hassan serves him right, but when you think of Nasiru and his mother, Uwem, it’s hard. Why don’t you listen and let’s hear your thoughts.


Listen below:

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